Winning in Wales


For the first time ever the Conservative Party has outpolled Labour in a national election in Wales. It is also the first time any party has beaten Labour in Wales since 1918.

Welsh Conservatives topped the poll in 17 of the 40 Welsh constituencies, including Cardiff North, securing a 21% share of the vote, ahead of Labour, Plaid Cymru, and UKIP, with the Liberal Democrats finishing fifth.

Conservatives won in constituencies such as Wrexham and Gower where the party has never topped the poll before.

Lead Welsh Conservative candidate Dr Kay Swinburne will now represent the party in Brussels.

Commenting on the Welsh Conservatives topping the poll in the European elections in Wales, Shadow Secretary of State for Wales Cheryl Gillan MP said: "This is an historic result. It proves only the Conservative Party can beat Labour in Wales. Gordon Brown has gone down in history as the first Labour Prime Minister to have 'lost' Wales."

And she added, "Conservatives have made gains at every national election in Wales since 1999. We said we'd overtake Labour at this election, and we've done so for the first time ever. This result gives us every cause for optimism of further success in Wales at the next General Election."

Welsh Conservative Assembly leader Nick Bourne AM said: "This result nails the lie that Wales will always be Labour. There can be no overstating this result. It is an outstanding achievement for the Welsh Conservative Party. It builds on the successes we have made year after year. It gives us every confidence for the future."