Labour Insults Local Police Officers


  Jonathan Evans, Conservative Candidate for Cardiff North, has condemned Labour’s Justice Secretary Jack Straw for insulting hard pressed local police officers. Straw recently claimed that police officers preferred to remain warm in police stations with paperwork, rather than getting out on the beat and tackling crime.

Jonathan said: ‘The truth is that Jack Straw and his Labour MPs have tied up the hands of the police with bureaucracy.

They have ignored the professional judgment of police officers and denied them the freedom to do their jobs – violent crime has increased as officers are forced to spend more time on paperwork than on patrol.

Labour’s early release scheme has seen over 70,000 criminals released early, while prisons remain overcrowded, hampering efforts to rehabilitate prisoners.

The bond between the police and the public must be rebuilt, and the first step will be cutting the red tape which prevents the police from doing their job properly.’