Labour robs taxpayers to fund election advertising



Jonathan Evans, Conservative Candidate for Cardiff North, has warned that the Labour Government have ordered a massive increase in taxpayer-funded advertising budgets as the General Election approaches.


‘Since Labour came to office there has already been a four-fold increase in advertising promoting the Government, but in the past year of recession, Labour has increased spending still further by 40% to over £232 million.  All of that money is coming from taxpayers. At a time when even Labour are accepting that budgets will need to be cut, the massive increase in Labour Government self-advertising at the taxpayer’s expense is morally unacceptable.’


Jonathan said:  ‘We are also seeing newspaper adverts and leaflets promoting MPs continuing to be funded from the House of Commons Communications Allowance, which the Kelly report clearly said was taxpayer funded promotion of MPs and should be stopped. Some MPs just seem to think they can carry on regardless.’