Cardiff North needs change


Gordon Brown’s Labour Party promised so much, but has delivered so little and people in Wales feel let down.

Jonathan Evans, local Conservative Candidate, said “We need a strong and effective voice at Westminster as part of the wider change which Wales and Britain need.”

Labour have forgotten that real life is not about parliaments and assemblies. It’s about people – families, friends, communities and business.  We are all in this together. We live in a changing world and it is right that Welsh Conservatives reflect that, by focusing on what matters to the people of Wales.

“Today, whilst Labour and Plaid look to the past, Welsh Conservatives look to the future.”

The people of Wales want a first class NHS that is fit for purpose and free at the point of delivery, a good education for their children and a strong economy. We share these aspirations and are ambitious for Wales.  We also share David Cameron’s personal commitment to the NHS.
Welsh Conservatives have changed and this change was recognised by voters in the last national election in Wales, when we topped the poll and Welsh Conservatives now run as many councils as Labour.

Welsh Conservatives have come a long way. In this election, think about voting for us, even if you’ve never voted Conservative before, so that together we can make that change happen.

 David Cameron and Jonathan Evans