Our NHS!


David Cameron has pledged to protect the NHS with real-term increases in funding every year, funding which Welsh Conservatives would ringfence to the NHS in Wales.

Jonathan Evans is personally committed to our NHS and welcomes David Cameron’s pledge that it will be protected and safe in Conservative hands. Jonathan’s wife worked for years as a local health visitor and one of his daughters is an NHS physiotherapist.
Jonathan said: “The NHS is the greatest public asset that this country owns. I want to make sure it stays that way. Resources must reach doctors and nurses at the frontline of care. Medics must be allowed to get on with the job they are trained to do, not constantly ordered around by a big-brother Government.”

Here in Cardiff North we have a first class hospital at the Heath, a cancer hospital and mental health unit in Whitchurch; and superb primary care services throughout the constituency. Jonathan Evans commented: “I have every admiration for our NHS staff and their dedication, in Velindre Cancer Centre at Whitchurch and at the George Thomas Hospice for example we see the future in specialist treatment actively supported by the community.”  
Jonathan wants a future Conservative Government at Westminster to work with the Assembly in Cardiff to make sure that Wales gets the health care it deserves. In the last 10 years since Labour have controlled the Assembly, the Welsh NHS has fallen far behind the rest of the UK. Waiting lists are longer, bureaucracy is rife, and key services labelled ‘scandalous’ by an independent expert. Every year, £1 billion - a fifth of the health budget - is not being spent properly as a result of ‘extremely costly mistakes’, yet Labour and Plaid have refused to investigate this waste.

Jonathan added, “We support more local NHS services treating minor complaints so that A&E is not overrun. We need to help the NHS focus on preventative treatments and above all, the NHS must be results led, not target driven. We cannot afford to go on with the way the NHS is being run by Labour.”

David Cameron