Thank you!


Jonathan Evans, the newly elected Member of Parliament for Cardiff North, has expressed his thanks to everyone for their support during the recent General Election. “My job will be to serve as MP for everyone in Cardiff North and take forward your issues and concerns. I will do so working closely with our Assembly Member, Jonathan Morgan and our local councillors.”

“If you need any help at all, please contact my office or call to see me at one of my advice surgeries.”

“This is a new era for Britain and for our politics and government. Two major
parties - the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats have recognised that we
must overcome our political differences to forge a new coalition government to serve the national interest.”

“It is essential that all MPs recognise that their role is one of public service for their electors and it is a great privilege to be elected as your MP.”

“Our nation faces major challenges and there will be many difficult decisions which will have to be taken to put our country’s finances right and on the road to recovery.”