Jonathan Evans MP speaks out in favour fairer constituency sizes in Wales


The recently introduced Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Bill which, if passed, will provide for a review of constituency boundaries in order to create fewer and more equally sized constituencies.

The Government aims to bring our oversized House of Commons into line with legislatures across the world by reducing the number of MPs from the 650 we have today to a House of 600.

Commenting on this, Jonathan said: “Currently the House of Commons is the largest directly elected chamber in the EU and is half as big again as the US House of representatives.

“The intention was never for the overall size of the House to keep rising and capping the number of MPs corrects this and will also save £12m in the process.

Wales is expected to take it’s share in the reduction of MPs and is likely have it’s number of MPs reduced from 40 to around 30. Commenting on this in a House of Commons debate, Jonathan said “The current electoral architecture in Wales, grants the Labour party 65% of the representation on barely 36% of the vote, this surely cannot be described either as democratic or as valuing votes from Wales equally.”