Jonathan fights to stop school closure plan


Jonathan fights to stop school closure plans with local council elections. He has called on the Tory group in Cardiff council to pledge not to form a coalition with any party group supporting the proposals in the 2012 council elections.

Speaking after a public meeting at Eglwys Newydd school last night, Evans said the May elections in 2012 could be the last measure to prevent the controversial plans going ahead in September 2012. He said:

"The changes would come into operation as from September 2012 and there will be a local government election in Cardiff in advance of that.

"All political parties will be endeavouring to win that election. In this world of coalition politics, parties will be trying to form a coalition to run the city.

"I have proposed that I would raise within the Conservative group that we would not be in coalition with anyone proceeding with these plans."

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Jonathan Evans speaking to residents at a public meeting last night Photograph: Max Fowler