Jonathan calls for votes of equal value


 Parliament is expected to approve plans to redraw constituency boundaries increase constituency sizes in line with the rest of the UK.

The plans include a reduction of 50 to reduce the amount of MPs to 600. Wales is likely to take it’s share with a reduction of constituencies from 40 to 30.

Jonathan Evans is a supporter of the changes - even if it meant he could lose his seat. Commenting, Jonathan said "We currently have a gerrymandered system in Wales. We have simply more representation per head than other parts of the country.

"I believe in a simple principle. One person, one vote, and votes of equal value."

In the last General Election Labour won 66% of seats in Wales on just 36% of the vote and the system had to change.

A Cabinet Office spokeswoman insisted the boundary review would be done independently.

She said: "Redrawing constituency boundaries is about fairness. The existing inequality in constituency size means that a vote is worth more or less depending on where you live. We want to ensure that everyone's vote carries a more equal weight throughout the country."

Currently there is a huge disparity with Welsh constituencies having as little as 50,000 electors, whereas in England there are constituencies of over 75,000.