Jonathan highlights Cancer Research UK's work in Wales


Jonathan Evans is highlighting Cancer Research UK’s work in Wales and backing the charity’s bid to make the region and the UK a thriving environment for medical research.

Mr Evans met Cancer Research UK’s doctors, scientists and supporters - including researchers Professor Malcolm Mason and Senior Research Nurse Barbara Moore both from the Cardiff Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre - at a special reception at Westminster recently (Tuesday 12 July).

As well as finding out more about the cutting edge research carried out in Wales, he heard that Cancer Research UK receives no Government funding and relies on the generosity of supporters to fund its life-saving work. 

Around two people are diagnosed with cancer every hour in Wales* but the good news is that thousands of mums, dads, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters across the region are alive today thanks to research into cancer.

Mr Evans said: “I was keen to find out more about work funded by Cancer Research UK at Cardiff Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre and throughout the UK.  I feel proud that research in Wales makes such a significant contribution to the fight against cancer.  It’s heartening to know that by supporting Cancer Research UK’s work local people could be making a big difference to cancer patients here on their doorstep.”

Cancer Research UK is calling on the Government to work in partnership with the scientific community to ensure that pioneering new research can be transferred from the lab bench to the patient’s bedside as quickly as possible.

Government Minister Anne Milton MP spoke at the Westminster reception and discussed the Government’s future plans for science and research in the UK.

Harpal Kumar, Chief Executive of Cancer Research UK, thanked Mr Evans for his support.

He said: “Cancer Research UK is working hard in every region of the UK to beat cancer. Ninety per cent of the population live within 30 miles of a laboratory or hospital where we’re funding life-saving research, which is funded entirely by the generosity of the public.

“We welcome the government’s recent commitments that will help us with the research we fund in the NHS. We now want the Government to involve Cancer Research UK in planning for the future of medical research in the UK.”

Thanks to the generosity of its supporters, Cancer Research UK was able to spend over £4 million last year in Wales on some of the UK’s leading scientific and clinical research. Cardiff is home to a Cancer Research UK Centre, which is a collaborative network of leading scientists, doctors and nurses from across the city. Focusing on leukaemia as well as bowel, breast, prostate and bladder cancers, they are working together to share their expertise and knowledge to improve the care of cancer patients across Wales.
People in Wales who take part in Race for Life make a huge contribution to this work by raising vital funds.

As the Race for Life series draws to a close for 2011, Cancer Research UK is asking participants to make all the fun and emotion of the big day count – by returning the money they have raised to the charity, where it will be used to fund research which saves lives.

To find out more about Cancer Research UK’s work and how to support the charity please visit

Jonathan Evans supports life-saving research in Wales, with Cancer Research UK Senior Research Nurse Barbara Moore from the Cardiff Experimental Cancer Medicine Centre at Westminster on Tuesday 12th July.